A favorite seminar for beginners but also advanced for the Skin Effect technique.

On a wooden object, we will apply the technique of skin effect achieving a very special result. It is an ideal proposal for creating an object in which you want to give the look of the skin with materials for special effects.

In the seminar, we will learn the order of application of the materials, their coloring, and fading so as to achieve the truest, most impressive result of aged skin.

Get in a good mood and come to a super appointment with the Decoupage technique.

Seminar with: Melina Polychronidou

Seminar duration: 2-day training, total 5 hours

Seminar Type: Private lesson (private)

Available Dates: Every 2nd Weekend of the month, Saturday 10am – 12pm Sunday 5pm – 8pm

Seminar Site: Online

  • The price does not include the materials that will be needed which will be specialized after consultation
  • For the online seminar, login instructions will be given after purchasing the seminar

01/01/2021, 01/02/2021

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Skin effect for beginners and advanced
Skin effect for beginners and advanced
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