The company has the right to partially alter or renew the current terms of use, requirements, and conditions that relate to the transactions, which are made through the e-shop,, according to the needs and standard business practices.

The company has the responsibility to inform its customers for potential changes and updates to current practices, through the website. Any changes to our terms of use that will be published on our website, become effective immediately after they have been published on our e-shop website.

Our company guarantees the validity and comprehensiveness of all information provided on our website through the pictures, videos, and written text, taking into consideration possible technical, typographical, or other errors, that cannot be predicted or have occurred unintentionally or due to downtime of the website or due to force majeure. User behavior. The user agrees to abide by all the relevant rules and terms of use when using our e-shop.

In addition, the user agrees that:

  1. The user will not send any content that
    – Is Illegal, abusive, harmful, obscene or can damage the company’s reputation
    – The user will not violate copyrights, confidentiality rights, publicity rights, or other property rights.
    – Has viruses, trojan horses, timebombs or any other programs that can potentially be harmful
  2. The user will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any parts of this website, computer components, servers, or host networks.
  3. The user will not provide fake information about themselves, or be involved in acts of identity theft
  4. The user will not send spam or group mail or multiple copies of the same text or information.
  5. The user will not try to collect information about any of the users of the website without their permission, information that can either be financial or personal.


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Credit Card Safety

For increased security, your card details are processed exclusively through the payment system of an external provider (bank). Therefore, this information is not stored on our website in any case and in any form.

Force Majeure is not responsible for delays in the execution of the order (including delivery) due to unforeseeable events or in general reasons that cannot be attributed to company faults or due to force majeure. Indicative examples of force majeure are strikes, delays due to suppliers, exchange rate fluctuations, government or legislative acts, extreme weather events, natural disasters, and so on. In such cases, the company is entitled to a time extension for the execution of the order. If incidents that impede the smooth running of the delivery last more than 30 days, the company will contact the customer as soon as possible, in order to state if they still wish, under these circumstances, the completion of the order.