Wax Finish Varnish Polyvine is a silky finish water varnish for protection against everyday wear and tear, water and heat.
At the same time it leaves a satin or matte silky finish that gives the look of a candle. It is easily applied. Still, it can be mixed with paint to create a decape look on the wood.
It is ideal for application on surfaces that are painted with Chalk Paint as it gives very easily to the restored furniture the look and texture of the candle.
After it dries, Wax Finish is safe for children, animals and food.
Application surfaces wood or MDF.
With Wax Finish Varnish Polyvine we offer silky wax finish on wooden furniture, kitchen cabinets, stairs, children’s toys, frames, garden furniture, wooden railings

Weight577 g


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Wax Finish POLYVINE Black Satine
Wax Finish POLYVINE Black Satine

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