Every Saturday at 6pm, we meet each other in our online company on Facebook to make unique creations using unique products from our store.

Do not hesitate to join our company through the Live Seminars that Melina herself organizes from her profile.

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The products used are different in each Live Seminar and you can see them just before the seminar is announced.
Live videos are posted on Melina’s profile and you can watch them whenever you want.

Seminar with : Melina Polychronidou
Seminar Duration : 1 hour
Seminar Type : Group Course
Available Dates : Every Saturday, 6pm
Seminar Site: Online

Workshop Category:

  • Personal Online
  • Group on Site
  • Personal on Site

Products that will be used: Will be presented during the seminar.
Available Days & Hours : Every Saturday at 6pm.
Workshop price: Group Online: 0.00 euros


01/01/2021, 01/02/2021

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Free Saturday seminar
Free Saturday seminar
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